Hi all,

I’m Logan.  This website is about literary fiction, specifically, and the humanities, generally.  But not in the way we normally think about them.

We now know that there are scientifically backed benefits to reading literary fiction.  It increases your emotional intelligence, it improves your dexterity with language, and it enhances your capacity for empathy.  We also know that qualities like emotional intelligence are extremely valuable in the business world.

The purpose of this site is to make reading literary fiction something that high-performing people do regularly, something they make part of their lives, and something they use to improve their businesses, their working environments, their team cohesion, their relationships with customers, their negotiation acumen, and the creativity they bring to their projects.

Despite endless obituaries, literary fiction does have a place in our society, today, and one that resonates far beyond english departments and coffee shops.  We just need to liberate it from its 19th century model.  Reading literature makes us better at a lot of different things.  And we don’t need to spend five hours a day poring over obscure texts and some of the mystifyingly abstruse criticism and commentaries that accompany them to reap these benefits.

Hope you enjoy.

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